An innovative and trusted presence
in animal health for more than 50 years

Elanco has helped shape the animal health industry for more than half a century. Since introducing its first antibiotic for veterinary use in 1953, Elanco has delivered more than 35 agricultural and animal health products to the marketplace. The timeline below highlights the many ways Elanco innovation has transformed the field of animal health.


After generations of success as one of the leading manufacturers of human pharmaceuticals, Eli Lilly and Company breaks new ground by introducing the first antibiotic strictly for veterinary use: Duracillin® AS, a long-acting penicillin product intended for animals.


Lilly obtains the license from Iowa State University to market a new feed additive. The product, Stilbosol®, is the company’s first major agricultural product.


Lilly’s involvement in agriculture science takes root as it organizes and combines several products and operations to form the Agriculture and Industrial Sales Division (A&I), which launches the company’s involvement in plant and animal science.


Bob Book, Wilbur Nickel and Bill Fish are hired as the first agricultural sales representatives. They sell Stilbosol nationwide. The men make their first sales call to Walnut Grove, a feed company in Atlantic City, Iowa.


Corn State Laboratories, Inc., of Omaha, Neb., is purchased. The new subsidiary introduces a line of veterinary products to the Lilly portfolio.


The A&I Division introduces its second major product, Hygromix®, to treat intestinal parasites in swine and poultry. It was discovered from a sample of dirt scuffed up by a Lilly microbiologist in his own back yard.


The Lilly Research Center for Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine is dedicated at a site in Greenfield, Ind., to expand agricultural research efforts. The new site includes research facilities supporting both plant and animal science.


The A&I Division is reorganized and renamed Elanco Products Company—Lilly’s first major business diversification—and begins representing the company’s agricultural product line. The name “Elanco” is an acronym derived from Eli Lilly and Company.


Research efforts begin in earnest to support animal nutrition, veterinary medicine, insecticides, herbicides, plant nutrition and disease. George L. Varnes becomes Elanco’s first president.


Elanco launches Greenfield® lawn and garden products, which includes fertilizers, weed killers and insect sprays for plants.


After six years of screening and testing, Elanco introduces
Tylan® (tylosin), the first antibiotic developed specifically for use in agriculture. The first formulation is used to treat chronic respiratory disease in chickens.


Elanco begins marketing veterinary products over the counter.


Elanco collaborates with Shionogi and Company Limited of Osaka, Japan, to produce and distribute empty gelatin capsules in Asia. The capsule operations are concluded in 1992 when ownership is transferred in exchange for marketing rights.


Elanco establishes regional offices in Omaha, Fresno, Memphis and Dallas. These offices support Elanco’s technical service staff and its sales forces.


Lilly’s continued focus on antibiotic therapy leads to the completion of a manufacturing site near Terre Haute, Ind. Clinton Laboratories becomes an integral part of the manufacture of Elanco products.


Elanco’s international operations include 38 affiliates and 17 manufacturing plants.


Elanco launches Coban® (monensin, USP) as a feed premix to control coccidiosis in broiler chickens and layer replacement hens. The product is so successful it becomes the leading anticoccidial in the country just six months after its introduction.


Elanco introduces Rumensin® (monensin, USP), a feed additive for cattle to improve feed efficiency and prevent and control coccidiosis.


Apralan®*, (apramycin sulfate), an antibiotic to control intestinal infections in young pigs, becomes available.


Maxus®*/Surmax® (avilamycin), growth promoters for poultry and pigs, respectively, are introduced to international markets.


Monteban® (narasin) is released as the second anticoccidial agent in the poultry product portfolio.


Elanco Plant Science and the Dow Chemical Company combine plant science operations. The new venture, DowElanco, is a distinct organization independent from Elanco’s animal health business. DowElanco becomes one of the largest research-based agricultural companies in the world. Eli Lilly divests itself of the DowElanco partnership in 1997.


Elanco Products Company is renamed Elanco Animal Health and focuses solely on producing animal health products.


Elanco continues to expand its international presence. International markets account for more than 60 percent of Elanco product sales.


Elanco becomes the first U.S. animal health company to offer products in the Vietnamese market.


Elanco plays a major role in passing the Animal Drug Availability Act. This key piece of legislation supports flexible labeling of recommended doses, providing greater interaction with the FDA during drug development, and amending the process used to evaluate and approve new drugs


Elanco worldwide headquarters relocates to the Greenfield, Ind., plant site, bringing sales, marketing and research functions together for the first time.


Elector® (spinosad), the first new insecticide class for control of flies and lice on cattle in over 20 years, is marketed.


Elanco launches Companion Animal Health, a business focused on pet medicines.


Elanco acquires long-time partner Ivy Animal Health Inc., a research and pharmaceutical product development company.


Elanco acquires the rights to Posilac® (rbST), a dairy cow supplement approved by numerous regulatory authorities worldwide to help improve milk productivity.


Elanco establishes a partnership with Heifer International®, a nonprofit organization that empowers families to become self-reliant through gifts of livestock and plants, while providing skills and training necessary to produce sustainable sources of food and income.


Elanco Food Solutions, a food-safety business unit, is established to provide technologies to reduce foodborne pathogens in packing and processing plants.


Elanco acquires the European rights to a portfolio of Pfizer Animal Health products, including vaccines, parasiticides and feed additives. The products are used for both animal productivity and companion animal care. Elanco also acquired a manufacturing facility in Sligo, Ireland.


Elanco acquires the animal health business of Janssen Pharmaceutica NV, a Johnson & Johnson company. The business is primarily European-focused, targeting disease segments in companion animals and livestock, with special emphasis on swine and poultry.


Elanco announces an agreement to acquire ChemGen, a privately-held enzyme company with 25 years of experience in the market place, continuing Elanco's commitment to provide customers with leading animal productivity solutions.

*Product not available in the US.