Disciplined science, forward-thinking partners help
advance animal health

Families across the country enjoy healthy pets and a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food. And much of the credit goes to innovation and technology, which have helped farmers and food producers worldwide keep animals healthy and raise them efficiently. Innovation also helps to ensure long, healthy lives for your pets.

That’s why Elanco remains committed to continually improving animal health and productivity, food-safety and pet well-being. Using proven methods, Elanco has built a disciplined R&D process—a process that’s generated a trusted portfolio of products that increase productivity and prevent and control diseases and parasites. Elanco also forges forward-thinking partnerships with our parent company, Eli Lilly and Company, and biotechnology firms worldwide to meet unmet or under-served needs in animal health.

Our vigilance for opportunities in animal health has resulted in the addition of data analysis services and the emergence of vaccines in our product portfolio. These and similar commitments help Elanco advance its goal of delivering innovations to every species, every year, in every country.

Elanco has built a more than 50-year legacy of innovation in animal health. And today, Elanco’s emerging line of pet products is quickly gaining acceptance among veterinarians. While we’re proud of our past, we focus our attention to the future, where we expect to make an even greater difference by bringing advanced pet care and abundant, affordable food to more people.

Elanco firsts

Using advanced science, time-tested methods and forward-thinking partnerships, Elanco has developed animal health breakthroughs such as:

  • The first feed ingredient that increases milk production efficiency in dairy cows
  • The first ionophore in poultry
  • The first ileitis control product in swine
  • The first nutrient-directing product for beef and swine
  • The first phage product that targets E. coli O157:H7
  • The first chewable tablet that kills fleas for a month in dogs