Elanco harnesses technology to produce
the food you want—and the food we all need

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As we ride out the uncertainties of one of the most challenging economic times in history, some things we know will always remain the same. One of the most consistent of all realities is that no matter who you are, or where you are, you need safe, nutritious, affordable food—every day.

That’s where Elanco comes in. Our mission is to make life sciences work better for people by transforming animal protein production and companion animal care. That underscores our vision of food and companionship enriching life.

The changing global situation represents an opportunity to serve our customers better, helping to provide safe, wholesome and affordable food to a growing world population. In this economy, producers are looking for ways to provide all of us with the safe, nutritious food we deserve—and to do that, food must be affordable and abundant.

A voice for choice

To that end, we believe the only way to ensure this is to give consumers a choice about the foods they put on the table, and to let no one—no individual, no group, no government—attempt to restrict individual choice in the food they buy.

While challenges in this arena persist, we know that without the advances in technology that are widely employed today in food production, we’d already struggle to meet existing demand. Instead, thanks to technology, most of the world enjoys an abundant supply of healthful food. And that food is produced using fewer resources, leading to a reduced impact on the environment.

By 2050, the world population is projected to swell to about 9 billion people. Yet there is only a tiny percentage of unused land available to meet this staggering need. That means that 70 percent of the anticipated increase in food production must come from technology.

We wholeheartedly support the consumers’ right to choose how their food is produced. We also know that the vast majority of people are most concerned about feeding their families safe, affordable, nutritious food. Throughout the world, there is a growing demand for protein. We can play an important role in helping human beings meet their nutritional needs—and in many cases, help cater to their preferences as well.

The need for technology

You can trust Elanco to provide products that enhance animal health and care, and improve food-safety. This applies whether you are in the business of putting food on the table, or you’re a veterinarian who helps pets live longer, healthier, happier lives. We’re centered on innovative and sustainable solutions you can trust—that has not changed—but we’re taking advantage of evolving technology to do it better, faster and more economically.

Now, more than ever, we need technology to help keep food safe, nutritious and affordable. As we navigate through these unprecedented times, one thing you can count on is Elanco being there to provide the support and technology you need to help feed the world.

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Jeff Simmons, president