Enriching lives, enhancing animal health
through science and innovation

Elanco is a global animal health company. But ultimately, people benefit from Elanco’s work. That’s reflected in the vision shared by Elanco’s more than 4,000 employees: Food and companionship enriching life.

Elanco fulfills this vision through three primary pursuits:

Within the United States, we help carry out the vision by providing safe products and valuable services that improve animal health and productivity.

U.S. farmers have trusted products like Tylan (tylosin phosphate) for decades. And Elanco continues to launch new innovations to address the changing needs of modern food production. Elanco also has quickly established itself as an innovator in companion animal health, through products such as Assurity (spinetoram), Comfortis (spinosad) and Trifexis (spinosad + milbemycin oxime).

Elanco pledges to develop and deliver products that are safe for consumers, animals and the environment. All Elanco products conform to rigorous regulatory oversight from the FDA, the EPA, the USDA and other agencies. Through innovative products, quality systems and a shared vision, Elanco strives to enrich the lives of people the world over through companionship and a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food.