Animal Handling and Welfare Resources

Proper animal-handling techniques are important for the animal’s well-being and for the overall success of a swine operation. Improper pre-harvest handling can result in:

  • Transport losses (fatigued, injured, or dead animals)
  • Carcass bruising
  • Pork quality defects

Proper handling and animal welfare remain top priorities throughout the swine industry. Handling and welfare also are priorities among regulators and many consumers as well. The industry continues to evaluate and improve upon factors that affect transport losses and animal well-being. These factors can include handling methods, facility designs and crowding. Fatigue, injuries, and fatalities can be minimized by:

  • Better preparing pigs for transport
  • Improving facility design
  • Minimizing stress during handling
  • Optimizing transport conditions

Elanco partners with swine organizations, producers, and packers to increase the industry's knowledge of pig handling and transportation. This partnership includes providing assistance by offering training programs, data analysis, research studies, and technical expertise.