The Benchmark® Performance Program

Cattle benchmarking that enhances the competitive position of our cattle feeding customers.

Using data analysis to make profitable decisions.

Profitability in the cattle business can be a challenge. Our goal is to help you discover profitable opportunities that impact your operation. The Benchmark database enables Full Value Beef™ profit discovery through insightful analytics and Elanco expertise, allowing Benchmark members to identify opportunities to capture profit margin.

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It’s about you — Benchmark helps your management team identify actionable strengths and weaknesses among factors that impact profit and loss. It’s not just about comparing yourself to other operations in your region.

It’s about continuous improvement — We believe that to stay in the cattle business for the long haul, we all need to continuously improve; and that means small improvements matter.

It’s about profitable decisions — Benchmark members receive ongoing support to:

  • Analyze cattle and business performance data
  • Identify actionable opportunities
  • Measure progress
  • Aim to capture profit margin

You gain a competitive advantage by improving the efficiency and accuracy of your decisions

Confidence in Benchmark

Benchmark members can have confidence in decisions derived from Benchmark because data is collected, validated, and managed by Elanco Knowledge Solutions (EKS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elanco dedicated to innovation and stewardship of Benchmark data. Benchmark is the largest, most comprehensive cattle performance database in the industry that can assist producers in making profitable decisions. All individual performance information submitted in Benchmark is confidential — no exceptions.

To get started

First, work with your Elanco sales representative to understand the commitment to enroll as a Benchmark member.
Then, a member of the EKS team will initiate the set-up process and training for you to start submitting your cattle performance data.

As a Benchmark member, you will receive:

  • Consultative data analysis and interpretation
  • Access to online Benchmark data and decision-making tools
  • Monthly and quarterly Basic Benchmark Reports

The Value of Data Analysis

In-depth analysis and interpretation of data is more valuable than ever in this volatile market environment. Through Full Value Beef and the data collected in Benchmark, we are partnering to dig deeper into the data to find actionable insight that can lead to continuous improvement in your operation and the cattle industry. Ask us about what we’re learning from Benchmark and how it could apply to your operation.

Benchmark is a trademark of Eli Lilly and Company or its affiliates.