Component® with Tylan® cattle implants —
protect your implant investment

Localized antibacterial helps reduce implant defects for healthier implant sites and improves feed conversion* and average daily gain1,2

In today’s market, cattle are worth more than ever, which is why implants continue to play a significant role in end-point management protocols because they provide a 24:1 return3,** on investment.

As a proven and high-return solution, Component with Tylan can deliver localized antibacterial protection that improves the health and overall performance of the implant site, ensuring maximum implant ROI.

Component with Tylan offers both initial and terminal implants for steers and heifers. Every implant includes a tylosin tartrate (Tylan) pellet that dissolves and releases antibacterial throughout the implant site.

Every animal mounts an inflammatory response to the implanting procedure. This response can have an impact on abscess rates, especially in wet and/or dirty conditions.2  Component with Tylan  paired with Zero Defect Implant training can reduce the number of abscesses, improving the health of the implant site and overall performance.1

Important safety information

The labels contain complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labels and use directions.


Administer one dose in the ear subcutaneously according to label directions.

*Component TE-IH is only approved for increased rate of weight gain.

**Calculation assumes 700 lb. feeder weight, $141.00 cwt, 150 days on feed, $280/ton DM feed price.

†Implant training does not guarantee zero defects.

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Elanco, Component, Tylan, and the diagonal bar are trademarks of Eli Lilly and Company, its subsidiaries, or affiliates.