Component® with Tylan® pasture cattle implants — help
maximize your implant investments

Reduce implant defects while increasing weight gain with the only implant that offers the added value of Tylan’s abscess defense

Regardless of cattle prices, it is essential to use proven and high return solutions, like Component with Tylan. Component with Tylan delivers localized antibacterial protection that improves the health and overall performance of the implant site, ensuring maximum implant ROI.

Every animal mounts an inflammatory response to the implanting procedure.1 The response can affect implant defect rates, especially in wet and/or dirty conditions. Component with Tylan implants reduce implant defects because every implant includes a blue Tylan pellet (tylosin tartrate), which dissolves and spreads throughout the implant site to minimize abscesses and ruptures.2

Broadest line of growth-promoting implants for stocker steers and heifers

Elanco offers the most complete line of implants for pasture cattle, including a variety of estradiol and combination implants. For extended grazing situations (150+ days), choose long-acting implants Compudose® or Encore®. For shorter grazing and backgrounding situations, select one of the four Component with Tylan implants designed for growing cattle.

  • Ideally suited for both steer and heifers, Component TE-G with Tylan delivers reliable performance improvements in feed conversion and average daily gain, for various grazing situations
  • Estradiol implants include: Component E-C with Tylan, approved for suckling calves; Component E-S with Tylan, intended for backgrounding and stocker steers; and Component E-H with Tylan, for backgrounding and stocker heifers

See Elanco’s pasture cattle implant guide for more details.

Important safety information

The labels contain complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labels and use directions.


Administer one dose in the ear subcutaneously according to label directions.

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