Elanco's long-acting cattle growth implants — maximize
performance for extended grazing or feeding periods

Encore (estradiol) implants — improved cattle weight gain
with no impact on quality grade1

Encore is an ideal fit for extended grazing and/or feeding periods, lightweight steer calves on feed, long-fed Holstein steer programs or simply when resources don’t allow for reimplanting. One study showed one dose of Encore lasts the entire feeding period -up to 400 days-while improving cattle weight gain and feed efficiency in feedlot steers with no impact on quality grade1. Encore offers both stocker and feedlot producers a long-acting, flexible, convenient implant option, with the added benefits of a localized antibacterial coating on every dose.

Compudose (estradiol) implants — more gain over more days

For added gain in suckling and/or grazing steers, and improved feed efficiency and average daily gain in the feedlot, Compudose is formulated to provide a steady release of estradiol over an extended period of time, up to 200 days. Other implants last about 100 to 140 days 2,3, which can lead to an implant performance gap for longer-season grazing or feeding situations. Compudose eliminates the implant performance gap while providing more flexibility if reimplanting isn’t feasible. And, like Encore, Compudose offers the benefits of a localized antibacterial coating on every dose.

Important safety information

The labels contain complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the labels and use directions.


Administer one dose in the ear subcutaneously according to label directions.

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Durable, easy to use.

Designed to implant 20 head before reloading, the Compudose and Encore implanter is durable and easy to use. See product labels for implanting directions.