Elanco services beyond products

For many leading beef cattle producers, veterinarians and nutritionists, the Elanco brand means more than trusted solutions that help improve profitability. It also means a spectrum of value-enhancing services that provide a wide array of metrics, management expertise, data analytics and consultation, from reducing variation and improving operational efficiencies to helping ensure compliance and safety.

  • Elanco’s Benchmark® database: Elanco works with Benchmark members using insightful analytics and expertise to identify opportunities enabling Full Value Beef profit discovery.
  • Feed mixing services: Multiple feed mixing services are available to help customers understand  the value and importance of ration uniformity, allowing customers to get the most value out of their feed ingredient investment.
  • Liver-check service: In-plant harvest checks assign liver-abscess classifications to help feedyards better understand the incidence, severity and economic impact of liver condemnation due to abscesses or flukes.
  • Implant ear-check service: Elanco offers ear checks to help cattle managers better understand the incidence and impact of improper implanting.
  • Safe handling and use of injectable products: bilingual tools and training are available to help cattle handlers ensure the safe and responsible use of all veterinary injectable products.

For information about these services, contact your Elanco sales representative or call 314-587-8352.