Mixing cattle feed for optimum feed additive results

Uniform cattle feed ensures better animal performance

Proper feed mixing is critical when it comes to managing the largest input cost in a feedyard operation — feed.1 A uniform ration helps improve cattle health and performance, and ultimately allows you to maximize your profit potential by ensuring your cattle are getting the most out of your feed ingredient investment. As stewards of the industry and our products, Elanco is proud to offer multiple feed mixing services to ensure our products are utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Feed Mixing Study Service — evaluating the entire feed-mixing and delivery process

Elanco’s Feed Mixing Study Service is an operation-specific analysis that helps identify the most effective mixing practices — from initial load to delivery. To drive ration uniformity this service helps demonstrate how improved processes can create additional profit opportunities in cattle health and performance.

Working with your nutritionist and Elanco representative, the Feed Mixing Study Service can allow you to:

  • Determine how to get the best return on your feed ingredient investment
  • Make informed decisions on finding the most effective mixing practices
  • Improve cattle health and performance
  • Reduce operational overhead

The Feed Mixing Study Service evaluates the entire feed-mixing and delivery process to ensure Elanco feed additives are delivered to every animal in an accurate, consistent and safe manner to enable the greatest profit potential for customers.

Figure 1. Feed Mixing Study Service Process

Feed Mixing Demonstration — training that supports your business

In addition to the Feed Mixing Study Service, Elanco offers feed mixing demonstrations to reinforce the importance of proper feed mixing. This demonstration and training is visually instructive and impactful because it adds a red dye to your feed to illustrate the effect various mixing variables can have on ration uniformity.

Figure 2. Feed Mixing Demonstration Dye Test

Not only are feed crew members able to see the dye and determine whether it is evenly distributed, they are able to discover what mixing procedures get the best mixing results.

Feed Assay Service — verify feed formulation accuracy

Whether monitoring ration uniformity or assaying feeds to meet current Good Manufacturing Practice regulations, meaningful results require getting the sampling details right. Elanco representatives can help you get the most out of feed assays by:

  • Identifying sampling procedures that match the purpose for the feed assay
  • Providing containers, collecting samples and incurring sample costs
  • Interpreting your individual lots’ data using the updated graphing functionality, supported with your own database of results
  • Offering technical expertise to help identify actionable improvements in feed mixing

Factors that impact ration uniformity

To ensure cattle perform as expected, the correct amount of each additive must be included and uniformly mixed in every batch of feed. Factors that can impact ration uniformity include:

  • Insufficient mixing times
  • Batch size (overloading the mixer)
  • Equipment status
    • Worn or broken equipment
    • Ingredient build-up on mixer paddles
  • Incorrect sequencing of ingredients
  • Ingredient characteristics

All of these services are in place to help Elanco customers with ration uniformity and ultimately ensure they’re getting the most out of their Elanco feed additive investment. Contact your Elanco sales representative today to determine the availability of these services in your area.


1Albright, et al. “Factors affecting cattle feeding profitability and cost of gain.” BCH-8050.


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