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ATOPICA® (cyclosporine oral solution) USP MODIFIED

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Comfortis® (spinosad)

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EasySpot® (fipronil)

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Interceptor® (milbemycin oxime)

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Itrafungol™ (itraconazole oral solution)

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MilbeMite® OTIC Solution (milbemycin oxime)

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ONSIOR® Injection (robenacoxib)

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ULTRA™ Fel-O-Vax®

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ULTRA™ Hybrid


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Zobuxa® (enrofloxacin)

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ULTRA™ Hybrid

A More Comfortable Vaccine Experience

The ULTRA™ Hybrid vaccine lets you offer feline patients:

  • 50% less volume than standard vaccines

  • Effective disease protection with minimal injection volume

  • A vaccine designed for a more comfortable experience


  • Nonadjuvanted, reduced-volume vaccine


  • Features exclusive inactivated dual-strain FCV--designed for better protection
  • Offers effective protection without adjuvants


  • Offers the advantages of modified-live panleukopenia vaccines
  • Gives effective protection against highly infectious feline panleukopenia virus

Feline herpesvirus (viral rhinotracheitis)

  • Offers the advantages of modified-live feline herpesvirus vaccines

    Ultra hybrid FVRCP chart

ULTRA™ Hybrid® is manufactured with PureFil™ Technology

Purfil image

At Elanco, our commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation has but one focus: to help you deliver the best medicine to your patients. The advanced way we’re delivering on that commitment is through PureFil Technology.

  • A single-mindedness to pursue vaccine excellence
  • Investment in new purification and filtration processes, infrastructure upgrades and workflow processes
  • An unwavering belief that new levels of quality can always be found
  • The first to deliver a 0.5 mL feline vaccine line to the marketplace, thanks to PureFil Technology

ULTRA Hybrid FVRCP is a trademark of Elanco or its affiliates.