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Duramune®, Duramune Lyme® and LeptoVax®4

Duramune Lyme

The only Lyme vaccines in combinations, offering solutions for any protocol

Real-world results and combinations that offer
lower volume and fewer needle sticks for less
pain and more comfort


Trusted results you can rely on

  • 92.2% efficacy in a real world challenge study conducted in a highly endemic area1
  • 100% efficacy in a laboratory study2
  • Safe--even in Lyme-positive dogs3
  • Made with PureFilTM Technology, designed to reduce unwantd proteins and cellular debris

Duramune Lyme provides a broad antibody response to multiple Osps: OspA, OspB, OspC and many more4,5


Protection that Measures Up

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Lepto Vax 4

Innovative, tested and trusted

• The first 4-serovar vaccines to protect against emerging lepto serovars grippotyphosa and pomona
• Shown to be efficacious for spirochetemia against grippo and pomona by experimental challenge6
• In the largest-ever vaccine safety study7 — with 1.2 million dogs — Duramune products with Leptospira immunogens were no more likely to produce an adverse event than other vaccines, such as those for rabies
• Six standard 1 mL lepto vaccines and three ULTRATM Duramune 0.5 mL options

Unique Subunit4 Purification™ DESIGNED for enhanced safety and a COMFORTABLE injection


Choose ULTRATM Duramune Vaccines for Lepto Protection

This first and only 0.5 mL line available today. ULTRA vaccines were designed for a more comfortable injection with 50% less volume, but with the same protection that has made Duramune a trusted brand for more than 30 years.8

Millions of doses continue to provide outstanding results

With millions of doses administered, the effectiveness of these vaccines as a group is well-recognized. Vaccinating your patients regularly ensures frequent contact with dog owners and allows for updated risk assessment for changing threats.

Canine lepto vaccines from Elanco

Canine-lepto-vaccines-from-Elanco-OL new

Duramune and LeptoVax vaccines are made with PureFil™ Technology, designed to reduce unwanted proteins and cellular debris.

Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.


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Duramune, Duramune Lyme, LeptoVax, ULTRA Duramune are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates.