A flavored tablet that kills fleas fast
and lasts a full month

Fleas can affect more than pets. They can affect entire families. Though tiny, they can cause severe discomfort and pose a health threat to pets in the form of irritation (itching, scratching, chewing, biting), flea allergy dermatitis and, in severe infestations, anemia. Plus, ingested fleas can transmit tapeworm infection to pets.

Comfortis protects dogs and cats against fleas. Comfortis is the first flavored tablet that kills fleas and prevents infestations on pets for a full month. Comfortis also:

  • Starts killing fleas within 30 minutes
  • Kills fleas before they lay eggs
  • Can’t be washed, rubbed or shaken off

Comfortis flea protection is available through licensed veterinarians, who give Comfortis for dogs the highest overall satisfaction rating when compared to other monthly flea control products.1

Label information

Important safety information

For cats: The most common adverse reaction recorded in clinical trials was vomiting. Other adverse reactions were: lethargy, decreased appetite, weight loss, and diarrhea. Use with caution with concomitant extra-label use of ivermectin.

The safe use of Comfortis in breeding, pregnant, or lactating cats has not been evaluated.

For dogs: The most common adverse reaction reported is vomiting. Other adverse reactions reported in decreasing order of frequency are: depression/lethargy, decreased appetite, incoordination, diarrhea, itching, trembling, excessive salivation and seizures.

Following concomitant extra-label use of ivermectin with Comfortis, some dogs have experienced the following clinical signs: trembling/twitching, salivation/ drooling, seizures, incoordination, excessive dilation of pupils, blindness and disorientation. Post-approval experience continues to support the safety of Comfortis when used concurrently with heartworm preventatives according to label Directions.

Use with caution in breeding females and dogs with pre-existing epilepsy. The safe use of Comfortis in breeding males has not been evaluated.

View full product label for complete safety information.

1. Ipsos Forward Research. January 2011: Veterinarians.


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