Long-acting, cost-effective fly control in poultry production

Larvadex gets rid of more flies with less work in layer and breeder operations. Larvadex 1% Premix added to feed eliminates maggots developing in manure for up to five weeks1, and it enables you to
reduce insecticide application frequency and costs. When used as directed, Larvadex has no adverse effects on beneficial insects.

When blended into a poultry ration according to the Directions for Use,  Larvadex 1% Premix controls certain fly species that develop in poultry manure. Maggot development is disrupted in the manure, resulting in the disruption of the fly’s life cycle and reduction of the fly population, which contributes to a clean, healthy environment and to Full Value Poultry TM. Interruption of the life cycle is an effective way to achieve long-lasting residual control of flies in poultry houses.

Label information

See product package for information about dose and safe use.

Important safety information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

1. Paige, John & Lindauer, Kristin. 1992 "Technical Summary, Larvadex" Pg. 1-94


Fly control in poultry

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