Prevent coccidiosis in chickens, turkeys and quail

Coban is a Type A medicated article for use only in feed for broiler and replacement chickens, growing turkeys and growing bobwhite quail. Coban is indicated for:

  • Broiler and Replacement Chickens: As an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by Eimeria necatrix, E. tenella, E. acervulina, E. brunetti, E. mivati and E. maxima.
  • Turkeys: For the prevention of coccidiosis in turkeys caused by Eimeria adenoeides, E. meleagrimitis, and E. gallopavonis.
  • Quail: For the prevention of coccidiosis in growing Bobwhite quail caused by Eimeria dispersa and E. lettyae.

By controlling coccidiosis, Coban helps protect Intestinal Integrity for consistent performance

Coban prevents multiple species of coccidia. By preventing coccidiosis, Coban helps protect Intestinal Integrity, which is the optimum functionality of the intestinal tract. A healthy digestive tract is the primary driver of bird performance and profitability. Coban helps to provide long-lasting value and consistent economic performance in broilers and turkeys.

Important safety information

Important Safety Information
Always read, understand, and follow label directions.  
• Zero-day withdrawal (when fed according to the label).
• Do not feed to laying chickens or chickens over 16 weeks of age.  
• Do not allow horses, other equines, mature turkeys, or guinea fowl access to feed containing monensin. Ingestion of monensin by horses and guinea fowl has been fatal.
• Some strains of turkey coccidia may be monensin tolerant or resistant.

Directions for Use
Feed continuously as the sole ration at 90-110 g/ton to broilers, 54-90 g/ton to turkeys, 73 g/ton to Bobwhite quail.


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