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Denagard® (tiamulin hydrogen fumarate)

Reduce the impact of two costly enteric diseases
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Hemicell® (β-mannanase)

β-Mannans: the problem component in soybean meal
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Kavault® (Avilamycin)

Reduce the incidence and overall severity of E. coli scours
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Paylean® (Ractopamine hydrochloride)

The choice for improved late-finishing performance and profitability

Prevacent PRRS

Protect Your Piglets
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Pulmotil® (tilmicosin)

Control respiratory disease associated with Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae or Pasteurella multocida
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Pulmotil® AC (tilmicosin phosphate)

Go with the flow to help control swine respiratory disease (SRD)*
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Skycis® (Narasin)

Ionophores: Innovation for a productive future
Tylan® Injection

Tylan® Injection

Effective at treating swine arthritis* in valuable breeding animals and finishers
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Tylan® Premix (Tylosin phosphate)

Proven control of ileitis* for dependable, reliable results

Tylan® Soluble (Tylosin tartrate)

Effective control of ileitis

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Skycis® (Narasin)

Innovation for a productive future

Skycis is an ionophore indicated for increased rate of weight gain and improved feed efficiency in growing-finishing swine when fed for at least 4 weeks.

Ionophores are a specific class of antibiotics developed exclusively for food animals. The active ingredient in Skycis is narasin, which helps create a more efficient balance of bacteria in the pig’s digestive system to deliver consistent improvement in growth and performance. Narasin has been safely and effectively used in food animal production in other species for nearly 25 years.

Performance for more Full Value Pigs™

A four-trial meta-analysis found that compared to control pigs, pigs fed Skycis demonstrated:

  • 1.59% more daily gain1
  • 2.31 lbs. higher carcass weight1
  • 1.34% increased carcass daily gain1

Skycis consistently demonstrates improvement in finishing performance. Additionally, Skycis offers flexiblity to be fed throughout grow-finish, or for a minimum of 28 days during early, mid or late grow-finish.

The use of Skycis in a Full Value Pigs strategy can help make more efficient use of feed and increase weight gain, while maintaining an attractive acceptance profile.

Important Safety Information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand, and follow the label and use the directions.

  • Do not allow turkeys, horses, or other equines access to narasin formulations. Ingestion of narasin by these species has been fatal. Not approved for use in breeding animals because safety and effectiveness have not been evaluated in these animals.
  • Swine being fed with Skycis (narasin) should not have access to feeds containing pleuromultilins (e.g. tiamulin) as adverse reactions may occur. If signs of toxicity occur, discontinue use.
  • No withdrawl period is required when used according to the label.

Directions for Use

Skycis® Directions

1 Elanco Animal Health. Data on file.

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