Rumensin® (Monensin, USP)

The Extra Energy a Dairy Farm Needs

Why is extra energy important?

Approved for use in lactating dairy cows

Rumensin® gives cows a boost of extra energy* that can increase their milk production efficiency.1† Rumensin is the only FDA-approved feed ingredient for lactating and dry cows that increases milk production efficiency by delivering more milk per pound of feed while maintaining milk’s natural wholesomeness.

Cows have different needs at different stages. Early lactation cows crave additional energy to support higher production. Late lactation counterparts need less feed to maintain production and pregnancies. Regardless of the feedstuffs for lactating and dry cows, Rumensin helps cows get more energy from every pound of feed.

Approved for use in calves and heifers

Rumensin helps prevent and control coccidiosis in calves and heifers, and promotes increased heifer weight gain during all stages of post-weaning development. It meets the US Food and Drug Administration’s stringent standards for efficacy and safety and, on average, provides a 7:1 return on investment in calves and heifers.2

Important Safety Information

The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions. Consumption by unapproved species or feeding undiluted may be toxic or fatal. Do not feed to veal calves.

Dosage/Use Levels

Dairy Cows

For increased milk production efficiency (production of marketable solids-corrected milk per unit of feed intake).

Directions of Use

Total Mixed Rations (“complete feed”): Feed continuously to dry and lactating dairy cows a total mixed ration (“complete feed”) containing 11 to 22 g/ton monensin on a 100% dry matter basis.

Component Feeding Systems (including top dress): Feed continuously to dry and lactating cows a Type C Medicated Feed containing 11 to 400 g/ton monensin. The Type C Medicated Feed must be fed in a minimum of 1 pound of feed per cow per day to provide 185 to 660 mg/head/day monensin to lactating cows or 115 to 410 mg/head/day monensin to dry cows. This provides cows with similar amounts of monensin they would receive by consuming total mixed rations containing 11 to 22 g/ton monensin on a 100% dry matter basis.

*Energy is a direct result of the Rumensin mode of action.
†Production of marketable solids-corrected milk per unit of feed intake. Learn more here. 1 Elanco Animal Health, Data on File, INAD 1420, Efficacy Report. 2. NADA 095-735, Elanco Animal Health.