The Right Mix

Supporting your business with new services that drive value beyond product

Feed Mixing Study Service

Uncovering efficiencies together — This new, operation-specific analysis helps identify the most effective mixing practices for ration uniformity and demonstrates how improved processes can help create additional profit opportunities in cattle performance. While feed assay reports provide final additive inclusion levels, the Feed Mixing Study Service goes above and beyond by evaluating your entire feed-mixing and -delivery process to ensure feed additives, like Rumensin, are delivered to every animal in an accurate, consistent and safe manner to enable the greatest profit potential.


Feed Mixing Demonstration

Training that maximizes your investment — In addition to the Feed Mixing Study Service, Elanco now offers on-site demonstrations to reinforce the importance of proper feed mixing. This training includes an impactful visual element with the introduction of food-grade, red dye to your feed that helps illustrate the effect mixing variables can have on ration uniformity. Not only are feed crew members able to see the dye and determine whether it is evenly distributed, they are able to connect what mixing procedures can help get the best mixing results.


40 Years of Progress

Since 1976, cattle producers have relied on Rumensin as a trusted solution that helps deliver proven results year after year. The legacy continues with the introduction of the Feed Mixing Study Service and Elanco’s commitment to generate value beyond the bag. Join us, as we take a look back at the evolution of Rumensin and the many milestones that helped shape our industry over the past four decades.