Vital 90™ Days

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Every Dairy Depends on Healthy and Productive Cows

  • There’s a critical need to help each cow reach her full potential for productivity during the lactation cycle
  • Setting her up for a successful lactation begins at dry off, well before the next lactation
  • Taking action during the 60 days before calving and 30 days after helps protect the health and production potential of the entire herd The critical period from dry-off to early lactation is known as The Vital 90 Days

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The Vital 90 Days Are Critical

Successful lactations are the result of well-managed energy balance and immune function around calving

  • Look beyond the traditional transition period, and focus on managing The Vital 90 Days—when multiple transitions occur
  • These transitions include numerous physical and metabolic changes that can interfere with energy balance and immune function
  • Help manage negative energy balance and immune suppression during this vulnerable time to give her the best chance to realize her full production potential

Manage Energy Balance and Immune Function for a Successful Lactation

Negative Energy Balance—When cows calve and begin lactation, their energy requirements essentially double overnight, resulting in a negative energy balance1-3
Immune Suppression—Nearly all cows experience some degree of immune suppression during the 2 to 3 weeks before and after calving4,5

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It begins with a clear understanding of the interrelated risks and challenges she encounters during The Vital 90 Days.

To learn more about how you can reduce the consequences and move from managing the transition period to managing The Vital 90 Days, contact your Elanco representative.


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